What we talk about when we talk about pedestrian deaths

Tomorrow, August 7th (hopefully there will be a recording)!

From their website: “Smart Growth America is hosting a webinar on why Americans are dying while walking and how we can talk about it responsibly. The program will feature Eric D. Lawrence of the Detroit Free Press and Angie Schmitt from Streetsblog USA and will be moderated by Emiko Atherton, Director of the National Complete Streets Coalition.”

How’d we get here?

When automobiles were first hitting the streets (and pedestrians) 100 years ago, they weren’t considered “normal” traffic or catered to. The auto industry had to work hard to reshape laws and landscape to their liking, as documented by Peter Norton in Fighting Traffic.

But here we are. Do we continue rolling out the asphalt carpet for the next 100 years, or do we design and support better options?